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Invitation GK4 en BEKC 2016 event 2 Mariembourg



Invitation GK4 en BEKC 2016 event 2 Mariembourg


Dear kartfriends,

Next weekend, 19-20 March 2016 we organise the 2nd race of the Belgian-Dutch kartcompetition GK4 Kart Series (GK4) 2016 at one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world, Karting des Fagnes Mariembourg (B).

We would like to invite you to take part at our GK4 event to compete with our mainly Belgian and Dutch drivers. More than 100 drivers have already joined in the GK4 Sprint and BEKC Endurance competition.

The GK4 Classes:
•    Honda Cadet 160cc kids
•    Iame Mini-Parilla 60cc
•    15 HP; Iame X30 15 PK Version and Swissauto250 VT3 Mondial
•    Automatic Junior; Iame X30 Junior and Rotax Max Junior
•    Automatic Senior; Iame X30 Senior and Rotax Max Senior
•    Shifter: Iame X30 Shifter

Training and qualification at Saturday, races at Sunday.
We will rent the circuit the whole weekend, so no other drivers than GK4 will be admitted on the track.

BEKC Endurance team race:
One-day event: endurance race 2 hrs.
Training Saturday, Race at Saturday evening.
Teams from 2 drivers.
Engines admitted: Iame X30 and Rotax Max.


Internet: www.gk4kartseries.com
E-mail: info@gk4kartseries.com

Karting des Fagnes, Mariembourg
Rue du Karting (Parc Industriel), 13
Mariembourg Belgium

We look forward to meet you at Mariembourg.

With best regards, The GK4 Team,
Ben de Feyter
Casper Reinders

C.point Racewear, Made to Win


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